About Us

Savvy Finance – Soaring higher in Aircraft Finance

Savvy Aviation Loans ventured into the aircraft finance market fuelled by one primary belief: we aim to provide Australians with the best aviation finance solutions using the latest technology. This was our guiding philosophy when we established ourselves in Adelaide’s automotive finance and insurance market in 2010. Three years later, we are an enterprise that encompasses the length and breadth of this great continent, with a branch office in Sydney.

In concert with our vision that has extended from cars to motorcycles, marine craft and recreational vehicles, we provide all our customers unparalleled attention to detail and exemplary service finding the finest deals on aircraft loans and aviation finance.

Protecting your bottom line is our top priority

Savvy Finance has links to over 25 of Australia’s best aviation financiers, opening up a wealth of opportunity for our customers. Gaining access to such a powerfully large market of lenders means one thing for you – lower rates, better loans and exemplary service from top to bottom. We achieve this with superior knowledge of our financial markets and relationships that are beneficial to all concerned. Our aviation finance professionals truly embody the spirit and letter of what it means to be professional. We believe this is the Savvy advantage.

Aviation insurance without the hassles

Drawing on our amassed reserve of insurance industry knowledge, Savvy Finance + Insurance save our aviation finance customers considerable amounts on aircraft insurance. We diligently attend to the insurance premium market as we do the aviation finance market. This means significant savings for our customers who require the utmost security for their high-flying investments. We know how vital comprehensive coverage is to our customers – we find premiums as if we were standing in our customers own shoes.

Flexibility is paramount at Savvy

Savvy believes in freedom of choice. That’s why we extend those liberties to our customers. If they require buying a single-engine or twin-engine aeroplane, we say yes. If they’re looking for a Very Light Jet or helicopter, we say yes. If they need a hire purchase, a consumer loan or chattel mortgage, we say yes. Whether you want to buy new or buy pre-owned, we say yes. Engine rebuilds, kit plane buys, engine conversions – Savvy finances the lot. You’ll be surprised how far Savvy can take you.

Technology with the human touch

Savvy built a brand using the best and latest in finance technology. It allows us to give our customers rapid approvals and concrete assistance with financial dealings. But we also pride ourselves on the human touch – we have a team of financial professionals standing by to assist you with the aviation loan quote and application process. This is part of Savvy’s quest for customer service excellence.

You’ll soar higher with Savvy

If you’re coming to the aviation market with new ambitions or capitalising on further opportunities, you’ll make the right choice by coming to Savvy. We stake our reputation on finding the greatest aviation loan deals in Australia. Remember, you’ll soar higher with Savvy!

Savvy holds an Australian Credit Licence (414426), and is both a member of the FBAA (Finance Brokers Association of Australia) & COSL (Credit Ombudsman Service).