Aviation Insurance

Every great aviation investment inspires a desire that it never comes to harm or harms others. Unfortunately, the real world gets in the way and when it does, we have aviation insurance. There are many risks involved with aviation and aircraft maintenance and insurance ameliorates your position if or when accidents and faults occur.

In addition to great deals on aviation finance, Savvy provides exemplary and competitive premiums on aircraft, including hull and liability, hangar keeper’s insurance, public and products liability all the way from ultralight kit planes through to corporate jets. We also can find aircraft aerial application liability for businesses putting their aircraft for specialised use.

Identical to our aircraft finance division, we sift through Australia’s finest aviation insurers to find our customers the best premiums at competitive prices. Please note that UAV and UAS hull insurance is available to Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approved operators only.

Why Choose Savvy?

Aircraft and hull insurance

Savvy finds the best aircraft and hull insurance premiums available on the market.

Public and products liability

Require public and products liability? Savvy has you covered.

Competitive premiums

We guarantee the most competitive prices on all manner of aircraft insurance premiums.

A-1 service all the way

Our personalised service makes sure you’re taken care of with satisfaction guaranteed.

Helicopter and hangar keepers insurance

We also find insurance for helicopter and rotary-wing aircraft plus hangar keeper’s insurance.

Qualified Airmanship

Like many insurance brokers, Savvy accounts for qualified airmanship when making any insurance premium determination.

Savvy aviation insurance can also provide competitive quotes on helicopter insurance premiums.

Our aviation insurance brokers work with you to tailor a solution that includes a range of public and private liability coverage. We can combine and structure a package that includes hull and liability plus hangar keeper’s insurance in an array of combinations that suits your budget and requirements.

Structured Aviation Loans

Because Savvy is a broker and not an insurance provider, Savvy is the ultimate customers advocate when it comes time to claim. Our insurance holdings are significant and we may exert commercial pressure on insurers to fulfil their obligations during times of crisis. This is just another advantage of purchasing your aviation insurance through Savvy.

Chattel Mortgage Aircraft Finance

If you are purchasing an aircraft and applying for a hire purchase or chattel mortgage, you can elect to amortise your insurance package within your loan. Ask one of our insurance broking professionals for advice on how you can save on aviation insurance by including as part of your loan repayments.

If you require more information, please talk to one of our friendly and helpful insurance broking professionals at Savvy. We’ll help you through the aviation insurance process and make sure you come out on top with an exemplary deal. We give all our aviation insurance customers blue ribbon service to give their investments the coverage it richly deserves. Get a quote online or call 1300 974 066 and speak to one of our professionals. Remember, you’ll soar higher with Savvy.