Aviation Loans

For many businesses and private customers who need an aircraft, they often don’t where to start with finance. They may believe aircraft loans are a preserve of the “Paris End” of town exclusively. This isn’t the case with Savvy Finance.

Savvy Aviation Finance provides aviation finance solutions for all types of aircraft including single- and twin-engine planes, fixed-wing aircraft, very light jets, corporate jets and even rotary-wing aircraft such as helicopters. 

We finance both new and used aircraft for a variety of uses, including private flight, corporate transport or as an investment. We guarantee we’ll find an aircraft loan solution that fits your aircraft type, budget and needs.

We have a team of aviation finance professionals that are dedicated to finding the best aircraft loan at the lowest possible interest rate. Our team connects with over 25 of Australia’s leading aviation lenders and major banks, making sure all our customers fly the skies with the best deal in aircraft finance. We work with you and your company to structure a package that most benefits your cashflow, stature and requirements.

Finance Options

The best deals on aircraft loans, starting from as little as 5.51% p.a. We finance new and used aircraft of all shapes and sizes.

Hire purchase your aircraft and claim GST on the purchase price. Ask about our aviation hire purchase options!

Don’t stop cash flow – we offer aviation chattel mortgages so you can claim GST and depreciation on your next BAS! 100% finance + amortise extras!

Range of Aviation Finance Options

Our business customers have a range of commercial aircraft finance products to choose from, including the ever-popular chattel mortgage, commercial hire purchase or aircraft lease. All these options have their own advantages that our financial professionals tailor for your exacting purposes, with GST and depreciation claimable on select aviation loan products.

Top Tier Aviation Loans

We don’t only service loans for aircraft. We also provide personalised, top-tier loans for engine rebuilds and conversions and engine purchases for kit aircraft. Whether you’re looking for something ultra-light or a titan, we can unearth a loan that’s affordable and flexible.

Business Aircraft Finance

We can also specify loans with 100% finance, balloon payments and loan terms from 12 months to seven years. You can also amortise extras with commercial loans such as chattel mortgages.

Aircraft Insurance

Savvy also leads the way on sourcing and finding the most competitive premiums on aircraft insurance. Talk to one of our expert aviation insurance brokers to discuss coverage that’s both affordable and flexible.

Flexible Repayments

If you want to know how much you can spend with Savvy, we’ve made it easier to estimate your repayments with our online aviation loan calculator. If you want greater precision and more options, lodge a free, no-obligation quote using our online quote system. It only takes minutes! You’ll be surprised just how much you can save with Savvy. If you want lightning quick approvals, you can apply online or call 1300 974 066 and speak to one of our financial professionals. We guarantee you’ll soar higher with Savvy!