Aircraft Finance

If you’re a private pilot and log enough hours to purchase a plane of your very own, talk to the experts at Savvy for a range of private aircraft loan solutions to suit your situation and budget. Savvy Aviation are the leaders in aircraft finance, financing all types of aircraft no matter what you’re rated for.

We finance single-seat aircraft, single- and twin-engine aeroplanes, VLJs (very light jets) and even engines for kit planes, plus helicopter and rotary craft purchases. If you are looking for smaller, lighter recreational aircraft or looking to finance an engine rebuild or conversion, we can help. We finance both new and used aircraft – the choice is yours!

Financing an aircraft is a highly specialised and complex task. Not many financiers are equipped to finance aircraft, which is why the financial professionals at Savvy have the distinct Savvy advantage. Our expert financial professionals have a wealth of aviation loan experience and can assist you with your aircraft loan quote, pre-purchase approval and finalisation of terms.

We can help you choose the correct loan product that helps maximise your return on investment and reduce your capital outlay overall. For select purchasers, you may choose from a fixed interest only loan at Savvy’s exceptionally low rates; a hire purchase; or a commercial lease. Each individual purchasing situation is different and may require a tailored package.

Why Choose Savvy?

Lowest rates on private aircraft loans

Aviation finance rates from as little as 5.51%p.a. Guaranteed lowest rates on the market!

Quickest Quotes

Need a quote on Boat finance? Our state-of-the-art technology can generate a quote for you in seconds.

Flexible options

100% finance, balloon payments, variable loan terms and more!

New and used aircraft

See something pre-loved on the market? Got to have it? We can help you finance your aviation dream!

25+ aviation lenders and financiers

We source aircraft loans from over 25 of Australia’s leading aviation lenders fighting for your business.

Compare and save

Use our complimentary online calculators and get a FREE quote – you’ll be amazed how much you’ll save with Savvy.

Flexble Aircraft Finance

The power of choice is yours – as we source your loan from over 25 of Australia’s highest rated aviation financiers and banks, you’re guaranteed to secure the lowest rates and most flexible terms on aircraft loans. If you require 100% finance, a balloon payment (also known as residual value payments, a lump sum paid at the end of the loan to offset regular repayments), fixed monthly repayments or varied loan terms – from 12 months to 7 years – we can find a loan that’s right for you.

You are in Control

Using our state-of-the-art quote and loan calculators, you’ll know precisely how much your loan will cost contingent on your highly specific variables. Savvy’s technology helps many of our customers make an informed choice that benefits them greatly. Use of all our calculators and loan quotation systems are completely complimentary – there’s no obligation to apply at any time!

Aviation Insurance

Keep in mind that Savvy not only provides unbeatable rates on aircraft finance, but superb savings on aircraft and aviation insurance.

If you wish to apply and qualify for quick pre-purchase approval, you may through our online quote system. It’s simple to use and is 100% complimentary. Do you want to discuss your aircraft purchase needs over the phone? Please call one of our helpful and friendly aviation finance professionals on 1300 974 066 today!