Commercial Hire Purchase

Purchasing an aircraft is a major investment. For a business seeking options to invest in a vehicle replacing traditional methods of transport, it's a decision that merits much discussion and planning. Also true for a company who intends to furnish themselves with many aircraft for commercial purposes. What is the impact on your cash flow? How can a company reduce the initial capital outlay? May you buy without any significant exposure?

There is a solution for businesses with precisely these concerns. Commercial hire purchases are a great product for businesses who want to take advantage of numerous financial benefits.

Put simply, a commercial hire purchase is a loan product in which a financier owns your purchased aircraft throughout the loan period. Ownership passes to you at the end of the hire purchase term.

Hire purchases are taken by companies to keep regular cash flow. One may finance 100% of their aircraft, helicopter or engine rebuild/conversion - no capital outlay is required. Another advantage to aircraft hire purchases is that you gain fixed monthly repayments to account for regular outlays in the short and long term. Plus, since the interest rate is secured against your aircraft, we are able to offer our customers even lower interest rates - always better than our competitors do!

Why Choose Savvy?

Claim GST and depreciation

Aircraft hire purchases allow businesses to claim GST and depreciation on their BAS.

Lowest hire purchase rates

Guaranteed the lowest hire purchase rates in Australia - we access 25+ lenders

Tailored to suit your needs

Structure your loan term, balloon payment and repayment interval + amortise extras

New or used aircraft

Savvy finances both new and used aircraft from single-prop to VLJs

100% Finance

Keep your cash flowing with 100%, no money down finance options.

Flexible Options

Hire purchases are flexible options. You may opt for balloon payment (also known as a residual value payment) when your loan matures. We can tailor hire purchases to your specific requirements. We structure hire purchases with loan terms ranging from 12 months up to 7 years. We can also amortise extras such as aircraft insurance, flight training costs, bi-annual reviews and equipment such as headsets or avionics upgrades. Another benefit is that companies may claim the GST paid on the purchase price. In many cases you can claim ongoing depreciation and interest payments as part of your Business Activity Statement (BAS.) Please consult your accounts department or accountant for more information.

Full Range of Aeroplanes

Savvy finances all manner of aircraft with commercial hire purchases. We arrange low interest rate and high benefit hire purchases for single- and twin-engine aeroplanes, very light jets (VLJ), single-seat and small passenger aircraft, helicopters and even engine rebuilds or conversions. Remember, Savvy finances all types of aircraft, be it new or used. Ask us about our aircraft insurance premiums!

Multiple Aviation Lenders

Our seasoned financial professionals tap into the resources of over 25 of Australia's premier aviation lenders ensuring all our customers receive the red-carpet treatment when it comes to aviation loan products. Where other aviation lenders are stuck on the runway, Savvy soars higher.

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