Things to be aware of before getting a private jet

Posted on Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 11:20

Having a private jet enables you to travel wherever, whenever. Relishing this flexibility and freedom is specific to the 21st century, an era driven by technology and speed. Due to the competitive nature of the aircraft market at the moment, the image of the average private jet customer is continually changing.

The advantages linked to owning your private jet are unmatched; for example, you can reach any destination in the shortest time possible. As for who can purchase private jets, companies and owner-pilots are prevalent.

But how do people use their private jets? We will address all these issues, and other prevailing trends of the Australian aircraft market.

  • Based on official data, amateur-built aircraft presented 10.3 percent of all aircraft registered in Australia in 2013.
  • An increase of 7.4 percent in the number of amateur-built aircraft was monitored in 2013. This merely outlines the growing popularity of this trend.
  • Two flying categories – namely business and private use – accounted for 20.8 percent of the general aviation activity.
  • Based on this source, the Australian jet market has doubled in the last decade.

The first question that crosses one’s mind when it comes to buying a private jet is how can I benefit from this piece of equipment?

The Benefits of Owning a Private Jet

Getting closer to your destination

There are numerous airports worldwide served by commercial airlines. Nonetheless, the number of aerodromes and airports accessible for private aircraft is bigger. In other words, you won’t have to worry about ground transportation for reaching your destination.

Ultimate flexibility

Approximatively 96 percent of city pairs supplied by business aviation don’t have scheduled commercial flights. What is more, a private jet enables you to arrive at a small terminal a couple of minutes before the departure of the plane. Plus, you won’t have to cope with everyday problems such as strikes or extended waits that are the recipe for frustration.

Who Can Buy a Private Jet?


There’s a popular myth according to which luxury is the primary use of private jets. Still, this isn’t precisely an accurate assumption. It appears that, in truth, companies and corporate figures are the ones that hold supremacy in the case of private aircraft. According to statistics, around 90 percent of private jets are utilised in the business context, enabling companies to maintain the productivity of highly paid executives. This applies especially in the case of firms that deal with acquisitions that involve a multitude of face-to-face meetings.


One thing cannot be argued – the ultimate aspiration of a pilot is to own his/her private jet. Considering that this has evolved into being a popular and widespread hobby, many Aussies are considering aircraft ownership.

Wealthy individuals

Wealthy customers also purchase private jets due to the flexibility and the advantages they offer. As a general rule, they hire their own pilots. Having your own private jet definitely seems like an enticing alternative, especially if you already have a flying certificate. If you’ve already made this decision, the next thing you should do is talk to your finance provider and get the things moving! Are you ready to make this step?

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