Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m looking to buy an aircraft and I’m a business owner. Are there special loans for business?

YES! Savvy Finance offers some of the best aviation finance deals for business. You can choose from a hire purchase or chattel mortgage and gain benefits by claiming GST and depreciation. You can also package your loan with extras and get 100% finance.

Q. Can I buy a plane as a private buyer?

YES! We finance aircraft purchased by private pilots and buyers.

Q. I want to buy a used plane. Is that possible?

YES! We advance finance for new and used aircraft. 

Q. I want to purchase a helicopter. Can I finance that?

YES! We provide helicopter loans and rotary wing aircraft loans at competitive rates.

Q. I’d like to get a quote but I’m wary about doing it online. Can I speak to someone instead?

YES! We have a team of aviation finance professionals standing by to assist you with quotes and application.

Q. Can I get pre-purchase approval for an aircraft?

YES! We specialise in providing pre-purchase approval for aircraft subject to credit checks.

Q. What kind of aircraft do you provide loans for?

We finance single and twin-engine planes, Very Light Jets (VLJs), helicopters, and ultra-light aircraft, subject to CASA requirements.

Q. I need finance for an engine rebuild and/or conversion, am I able to do that?

YES! Savvy Finance provides competitive loans for customers looking to rebuild or convert their engines.

Q. I need aircraft insurance. Can I purchase that with Savvy?

YES! We provide competitive premiums on aviation insurance including hull, liability and hangar keepers’ insurance. Click here for more information.

Q. I want to figure out how much repayments will cost.

You can use our helpful and complimentary online loan calculator and see if it costs less to buy than loan on a regular basis. Click here to get started.

Q. What kind of aircraft should I buy?

That’s up to your personal or business requirements. Read our blog for helpful tips on choosing a plane or aircraft that’s right for you.